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Bach A47XPS Artisan Peter Steiner Model Tenor Trombone

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This is a Bach Artisan Series Trombone as made for trombonist Peter Steiner.  This coincides with the introduction of several new options available in  Artisan trombones, including a new F-rotor, travel bells with screw flare, and hand slides with removable leadpipes.

Oct...We're on hold for delivery as quality issues in Elkhart overwhelm at the moment.  I don't expect further deliveries of these, I'm sorry.  You can buy one here.

Features of Peter Steiner A47XPS Model

  • Handmade in Elkhart, Indiana, USA
  • .547" brass hand slide with removable leadpipes: A47, B42, B42O
  • New X-brace compact wrap and .562" F-rotor
  • Modular bell section
  • Reverse tuning slide in brass
  • 8.5" lightweight gold brass bell with flat wire French-style rim
  • detachable bell flare for compact travel
  • Bach compact Gard 2-piece lightweight case

Bach Artisan Hand Slide with Leadpipes

The stock Artisan hand slide is identical to the model 42 hand slide except for the removable leadpipes and the color of one brace, which helps distinguish between them at the factory.  .547" bore, all brass with nickel trim, nickel inside tubes and cork barrels.  The threaded Artisan leadpipes use a new fitting different from the Conn 88H Gen 2 and (new) Bach 42B, so Artisan has its own set of leadpipes.  These leadpipes allow the mouthpiece to fit deeper into the slide than the Conn setup.

  • A47, B42, B42O (open)


Bach Artisan Valve Set

Bach Artisan trombones are modular which offers several benefits to the player.  You can customize your trombone setup at time of purchase or later on with additional components.  You can use a different setup in the studio from the one in the chamber orchestra with only a few moments of adjustment.  And you can disassemble the bell section into the basic components for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and repair.   The best thing about Bach modular trombones is that the components connect easily and reliably, maybe the best of any modular brand.  Their jigs are accurate and all parts fit as they should.  All connecting parts are solid nickel silver for strength - it's impressive. 

  • Peter Steiner - .562" traditional rotor with open-port X-brace wrap.  The wrap design is compact for opera pit work, allows an open feel with its straight tubes, and the X-gives an additional bracing point for center and projection.  Water dump is quick through the rotor.  Rotor is based on the Conn Gen 2 with improved portage.


Bach Artisan Tuning Slide

Artisan trombones feature a reverse tuning slide, which eliminates a gap inside the horn found with traditional tuning slide designs.  The end of the valve set and neck pipe tapers into the tuning slide sleeve, then the tuning slide fits outside of that, thus continuing the proper taper into the bell.  

Bach Artisan Bells

The acoustically elegant Bach 1-piece bell has been the envy of many other brass makers for generations.  The shaping and annealing process is revered and unique.  They are hand hammered, spun and buffed.  The Artisan bell is made on a new mandrel to compliment the reverse tuning.  These feature a flat French-style bell rim, which adds a remarkable response and agility to the horn.  Standard bells are made from about .0225" brass, this one from .020". 

  • Lightweight Gold Brass - faster response and additional clarity at low volumes, more malleable


Bach Artisan Case

Bach offers a very light and somewhat soft two-piece Gard Bags case with the Steiner trombone.  Be gentle; it's not a case to throw around and not for institutional buyers.


Bach Artisan Mouthpiece Recommendations

The Bach Artisan trombone has a large shank mouthpiece receiver and is sold without mouthpiece.  If you don't already have a favorite, these mouthpieces, available separately, are worthy considering...

  • Bach Classic 5G, 5GL, 5GS
  • Bach Artisan 5G
  • Denis Wick 4AL, 5AL, 4BL, 5BL
  • Ferguson 1, 2, 5G, 4G/5G
  • Schilke 51

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