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Bach 42BO Stradivarius Tenor Trombone: New Bell with Used Hand Slide


Item Details

This a brand new Bach Stradivarius model 42BO tenor trombone with a used hand slide.  Also includes new case and mouthpiece. 

What's a Bach 42BO?

The Bach Stradivarius 42BO is a large bore symphonic tenor trombone made by Vincent Bach Corp. in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.  The Stradivarius is the Bach professional line, and the 42B has been the standard trombone for symphonies and bands since 1952.  The Bach one-piece bell with its hand hammered construction and proprietary annealing process is the envy of other makers.  This is the standard for a fine trombone bell.  The open-wrap F-attachment is lighter and has fewer curved tubes, at the expense of a long F-tuning slide.  Not optimum for small orchestra pits.

42BO Specs

  • .547" wide brass slide with nickel trim - Used, some lacquer wear
  • Open-wrap F-attachment, minibal linkage - New
  • 1-piece hand hammered brass bell, 8.5" - New
  • Bach 6-1/2A large shank mouthpiece - New
  • Bach hard case - New

This One

  • New with used hand slide
  • Includes case and mouthpiece
  • factory warranty on bell section
  • 1-year warranty on hand slide, excluding finish
  • Hand slide is modern, ser. 199741, with new style slide lock, perfect action, some minimal lacquer loss at hand braces, a few light scratches, looks and works as nearly new.


What's the deal here?

A client consigned a used Bach 42 hand slide to me.  After glancing furtively at it for a while, I thought to pair it with a new bell and offer a good deal on a mostly new trombone.

What else can I get?

If you'd like a different Bach 42 trombone bell paired with this used hand slide, please contact me directly for a quote.  Options here at the moment are:

  • 42BO - yellow brass, standard rotor, open wrap
  • 42A - yellow brass, Hagman rotor
  • 42BOFG - gold brass, Open Flow rotor, Centennial model


What new slides can I get?

If you would like an all new Bach 42 trombone, these hand slides are available now with any bell:

  • 42 - brass, fixed leadpipe
  • 42LP - brass, 3 leadpipes
  • 42N - brass, narrow crook, 3 leadpipes
  • LT42 - nickel, fixed leadpipe
  • LT42LP - nickel, 3 leadpipes

The slides with the 3 leadpipes play a bit brighter and more centered.  I think this is because of the loose pipe and also the extra weight of the threaded fitting at the top.  The slides with fixed pipes have the Bach stability you remember.  Leadpipe threads are the same as Conn 88H Gen II.

Is it returnable?

Yes, return or exchange is no problem. Trial period is one week, horn must be returned in the same condition as received.  Restocking fee is $100, credited toward your next trombone purchase here, ever.  It's transferable.  Payment by check means no restocking fee.




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