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pBone Plastic Trombone

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The pBone is the first playable plastic trombone.  Why plastic, you might ask?  The UK designers, trombonists themselves, had a broad goal of increasing access to the trombone.  The trombone itself is a fairly simple shape, and can be recreated with current injection molding technology.  Plastic is inexpensive, lightweight, fairly durable, and looks great.  And it does play quite well.  Famed trombonist Denis Wick once mentioned to me/Steve that a brass instrument could be made of many different materials besides brass.  As long as the shape was correct, it could play very well.  Here is the latest example, a successful launch for a funny idea that has morphed into an opportunity for so many more people to make music. 

Though not indestructible, there is little risk of denting or bending a pBone.  Finally, you can hand a trombone to a young first time player and not have to say," Wait, wait, don't touch this, and don't do that, be careful, and don't squeeze here, and no, no, no..."  Why not start out by saying, "Yes, here you are, enjoy." 


The pBone has been thoughtfully designed to allow hands of various shapes and sizes to find a comfortable and effective grip of the instrument. This encourages good posture and the correct hand positioning. The ergonomic features of the pBone allow those with limited or restricted use of their hands and arms to engage with the trombone.


All ABS parts are extremely durable and our unique one-piece bell and gooseneck design is extraordinarily strong. The glass fibre slide tube is immeasurably stronger than fragile brass tubing and will withstand collisions that would demolish a traditional brass trombone slide. pBone may not be indestructible but it is certainly the most durable and robust trombone ever produced!


pBone is available in an array of bright and bold colors making it attractive to younger players. Beginners can leap into the playing experience without the usual concerns about mishandling or damaging a traditional brass instrument. So let the fun begin!

Be Free

What about all the places you can take a pBone that you would never take an expensive brass instrument? We’ve already seen pBones on bicycles, on the ski slope, on the beach and even high on a trapeze. The only limit is your imagination!


Around the world pBone is having a profound influence on the delivery of brass learning, especially in large group and class situations. Children are enjoying the immediacy that pBone brings to the learning experience whilst scores of teachers are using pBone to engage young children with the trombone as never before.


pBone represents remarkable value for money in terms of sound quality, manufacture quality and of course its instant playability.


Features of the pBone:

  • All plastic construction
  • Ergonomic grip for any size hands
  • Friction fit between bell and slide
  • Glass fiber composite slide tubes with brass bushings
  • Unique water key
  • Slide lock with simple graphic
  • 1.8 lb. weight for easy handling by younger players
  • 7 colors available:  red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple
  • 8" bell, medium bore slide
  • 11C color coordinated plastic mouthpiece
  • Standard small shank receiver allows use of most any mouthpiece
  • Fabric carrying bag with shoulder strap

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