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Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart Van Lier Tenor Trombone


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These are the .500" and .512" bore versions of the Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart Van Lier trombone.  

These are beautiful trombones.  With curved braces for comfort, a gold lacquer finish, and flawless workmanship, it's stunning to hold and see.  The tone is so warm and beautiful, sweeter than King.  It reminds us very much of a Martin Urbie Green model, maybe a good Conn 100H or Minick 500.  It's light, fast, and very agile.

These horns are now available with the very sleek fiberglass case from Bags Spain.  We always liked the traditional German wood cases with the reptile print, but this new case is much compact, plus it has a music pocket and backpack straps.  A K&H lightweight case is also available.

Bart Val Lier trio.


Mr. Van Lier on the bass trumpet.  Bob Brookmeyer reincarnate?


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