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Yamaha YFB-822 Custom F Tuba

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The 822 is acknowledged by many as the world's finest F tuba. It features a big warm powerful sound, and an even playability. The low range plays and sounds like that of big C tuba, yet the high range offers easy control with assured attacks. The 822 is favored by both soloists and orchestral players alike.

The Model 822 is the largest F tuba we have seen. Many of its parts are based on the classic British Eb tubas by Boosey & Hawkes. Yamaha also builds a replica of those tubas as the YEP-632, and this tuba seems to have come to life as a cut down version of that model. We suspect that updates to this model all use their own custom bows, as the pitch and evenness of tone seems to have improved over the years of production.

Jim Self, perhaps the premier recording tubist in Los Angeles, endorses this tuba, and does much of his work on this model. Many other working players in the symphonic and recording scene use this, and it's become known as an F tuba that can do everything. The low range is so open and even that even pieces formally reserved for CC tubas seem to lie well on this instrument. The only criticism we might pass along would be that the tone is not distinctly F tuba, and to some players it may sound a little dull.

If you change your perspective to embrace the quality of tone of an Eb tuba, you may find yourself more satisfied with this instrument, since it is nearly that big. If you love F tuba and also want one tuba to do everything, this is your baby.

Included: Hard case and mouthpiece.


Monel pistons

Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are an ideal choice for professional baritone pistons which must retain precise fit and smooth action over many years.

Hand-lapped pistons

Hand-lapping is a time-consuming finishing process which results in superior valve fit for noiseless, responsive action and easy tone changes.

Hand-lapped slides

Hand-lapping achieves the perfect balance between airtightness and smooth action.

Excellent projection

The rich sound of the YFB-822 is sure to come through the ensemble.

Response and intonation

The most complex passages are easier to facilitate with the faultless response and intonation found in the YFB-822.


The nickel-silver leadpipe helps players obtain an exquisite tone while the leadpipe's dimensions and taper offer superior intonation and response.


The large bell size on the YFB-822 creates a warm sound with impressive power.

Slide positioning

All five valve slides face upward for easy access and adjustment.

Available feature

The YFB-822 tuba is available with a silver-plated finish.


Level                            Custom Tuba
Key of                          F
Size                            4/4
Bore                           0.768"
Bell Diameter            17 1/2" upright bell
Leadpipe Material      Gold Brass
Body/ Bell Material     Yellow Brass
Finish                         Clear Epoxy Lacquer; Silver (YFB-822S)
Mouthpiece                67B4
Pistons/ Valves         (4) Monel, front action; (1) Rotary valve (thumb)
Case                         FBC-81


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