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Bandstand Clip Light

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This is the classic stand light used in every orchestra pit in the world. Well, most of them anyway. If you're in a dark situation, or if (like me) your vision is fading, this light is the way to go. It clamps to the top of any music stand, whether wire or orchestra style. It's brighter than most any LED stand light. Replacement parts and bulbs are inexpensive and are readily available. The cord has a standard US 120V plug. Some new battery powered lights eliminate the need for an extension cord in the orchestra pit, but very few are as bright as the Bandstand. Any that are as bright are much more expensive. The Bandstand is cheap and good, and should last you forever. We have replacement incandescent bulbs available for just a few dollars, but there are now other options in CFL and LED bulbs that will fit. Do store this light in the sturdy included box - it is perfect protection for travel.

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