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Bach C180 Stradivarius Herseth Model C Trumpet

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Stradivarius C Trumpet

In April of 1955, Vincent Bach completed and delivered six C trumpets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Four were selected by individual members of the trumpet section and purchased by the Orchestra. The remaining two were sold to a music store for individual customers. Now, almost fifty years later, these trumpets are still revered, still in use, and still the property of the Chicago Symphony. Each instrument is assigned to a specific section member.

Stradivarius Herseth Model

Based on Vincent Bach's 1955 "C" trumpet designs, this instrument features:

"Stradivarius" - Key of C, .462" large-bore, one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass #229 bell with classic round rimand soldered bell wire, classic Bud Herseth leadpipe, widefoot bell to leadpipe braces, narrower braces at bell to valve casing and valve casing to leadpipe, thumb ring on first valve, single brace on tuning slide, bead rings on all slides, , genuine Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece, single trumpet case. Available in silver-plate only.

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