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Bach 180 Stradivarius Bb Trumpet

$2,699.00 $4,106.00

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We stock several models of the classic Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpets.

  • 180S43 - medium bell, silver plate
  • LR180S43 - medium bell, reverse tuning slide, silver plate
  • LT180S43 - medium bell, lightweight, silver plate
  • 18072 - large bell, lacquer, nickel outside slides and trim

The small bell 18037 and medium bell 18043 trumpets are now available in the 190 series as 19037 and 19043, which have 2-piece valve casings and a few trim goodies to make these like a Bach trumpet made around 1965.

Other custom Bach trumpets with your choice of specs can be built to order in 60-90 days.

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