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Conn Greenhoe 62HG Bass Trombone

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This is a custom bass trombone that was built as a joint project between Conn-Selmer and Greenhoe Trombones several years ago.  Greenhoe's shop would assemble these trombones from a mix of Conn parts and his own components.  These were sold as a slightly lower cost version of Gary's own trombones, and were available through Conn dealers.

This particular model was sold to a Mid-west client, who brought it to the factory after a lacquer blemish developed on the bell rim.  The bell was replaced but the client chose another trombone in trade. 

The new bell on this horn is beautifully engraved as are all the new Elkhart Conn trombones.  We believe this is the only Conn Greenhoe 62HG with this engraving.

This 62HG is in new and flawless condition, and includes a large Protec-style case, several mouthpipes.

I had not spent time playing this trombone until recently.  Like any Greenhoe I'd tried before, it wasn't right.  The solution was simple: install an extra Shires brace between the tuning slide and F-attachment tubes.  Fixed.  Now the horn is centered and efficient.  Night and day.  I'm also including a Kanstul Minick L leadpipe that presses in, and a Ferguson Minick L replica mouthpiece.  These small tweaks make this a spectacular instrument, and the response you expect from a custom trombone.

I own several Minick and Kanstul bass trombones that are really special and I love.  This is on par with those.



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