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Bach Stradivarius 50BO Bass Trombone Used


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The Bach 50 bass trombone was introduced in 1938 and has been in production since.  First sold with a single rotor and 9" bell as the 50B, then 9-1/2" bell, then with open wrap F-attachment as the 50BO like this trombone.  Other rotor models offered over the years on the model 50 include 50T Thayer, 50A Hagman and 50AF Infinity.  The 50B standard rotor offers low maintenance, fast action and light weight.

We purchased this 50BO used from the Bach factory in 2020.  I'm not certain what's used about it as I don't see any blemishes or anything out of spec.  The hand slide will have a tune-up and alignment by John Sandhagen, back by the end of February.

I'm tempted to send the bell section to Robb Stewart for the small addition of an F-slide stop like on the Kanstul 1670 George Roberts bass.  When playing a single valve bass trombone, it's nice to have the E-pull option for playing a long low B without having to fake it.  To be fair, faking it is the best way, but a fast pull E option is helpful.  The 50BO F-attachment outside slide tubes are not especially long so it doesn't have quite the same long flat-E-pull of the closed wrap 50B.  But it's enough to play an in-tube low B because the hand slide is fairly long.

Includes Bach 1-1/2G mouthpiece, a very large and weighty Bach hard case.

Includes 1-year Horn Guys warranty excluding finish, no factory warranty.

  • .562" hand slide, brass with nickel trim, fixed leadpipe
  • Bach rotary valve with Minibal linkage
  • Open wrap F-attachment with (almost) pull to E
  • 9.5" 1-piece brass bell, hand hammered and hand spun
  • Lacquer finish
  • Bach 341 1-1/2G mouthpiece
  • Bach hard case

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