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Meister Hans Stauffer Eb Alto Trombone


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Custom made by Jinbao Music in Tianjin, China, this student model alto trombone is a very decent player based on the Slokar alto design.  Available with yellow or gold brass bell, it also includes a custom Stauffer Brass custom leapdipe, made in California.

2020:  We say farewell to the Meister model alto trombone.  Our slide-man has taken a leave, our leadpipe maker has stepped away, the tariffs were bigly, and it's time.

For your less-expensive alto trombone needs, we recommend the JP Rath from Asia and Kuhnl & Hoyer from Europe.  From the USA, the Conn 36H is also outstanding. 

At the moment we do have a few leadpipes available to fit the Stauffer alto as well as similar models form stencil makers like Selman, etc.


This is a surprisingly nice quality instrument based on the excellent German Slokar model 125. They are made by Jin Bao in Tianjin, China. We test these for leaks and tune the slides as necessary to ensure a fine playing instrument for a very reasonable price. Despite the low price, you can trust that the Meister will be a fine alto trombone.  These are played by many very good players, including Phil Keen, Southern California professional free-lance-symphony guy. Phil also plays bass trombone for the Long Beach Symphony.

This little trombone is an anomaly.In a world overrun with ultra-ordinary Chinese-made brass instruments, it plays very well. It feels a bit smaller than the Yamaha, making a bit less sound and requiring a small amount more effort to play.But the sound is beautiful, and with some effort on our part, the slide action is very passable. Due to anomalies in tube extruding, this will never be as good as a US-made hand slide, but with proper cleaning and lubrication it's very serviceable for all but the most discerning slideman. As can be expected, the workmanship on inexpensive Chinese instruments can be average compared to US or European makes of alto trombone. The bell rim sometimes has marks from rolling, the buffing is less shiny, the lacquer can be a bit foggy in places, and some average solder work is evident. But it's still a fraction of the cost of most any other alto trombone. It may be a good place to start for the budding player with an interest in experimenting. If you have an eye for detail and a love for the art of fine brass instruments, you may not be as thrilled. But, it's a very decent player and we do our best to make it mechanically right. You'll have to be a fairly good alto trombone player to surpass the limits of this instrument.

Our replacement leadpipe for the Jin Bao alto that significantly improves its performance. You may not even covet the German altos as much once you try it with this new pipe. You'll find improved centering and projection, and improved lower range. Stauffer Brass leadpipes are available separately, but are included when you buy a Stauffer alto trombone. Parts are available for these instruments. Sometimes the wait can be a bit, but we stand behind these and consider the Meister model to be worthy purchase for those altoists on a budget. We receive shipments several times a year. If we appear to be out of stock and you'd like to be contacted when we receive a shipment, please call us for a reservation.

Included: hard case and mouthpiece

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