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Conn 36H Eb Alto Trombone

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Professional Eb alto trombone with valve to Bb (and pull to A).  Includes hard case and mouthpiece.  This trombone has a 7" brass hand spun bell, traditional Conn wrap rotor attachment, super quiet string linkage, and a .491"/.500" bore bronze slide with nickel trim.  This is the instrument endorsed by renown soloist Christian Lindberg.  It's made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

This is one of the very few Eb alto trombones with a Bb-attachment.  The other is the Slokar model from Kuhnl & Hoyer.  Some players have noted that by engaging the Bb attachment, this horn can then be played like a Bb tenor trombone in a pinch.  While technically possible, that is not a magical feature that saves the working alto trombonist from perishing in fire.  On this instrument the rotor serves both as an extension to play F and E in a shorter position, but more importantly it enables the player to properly trill in soloistic works.  The trick is to realize the numerous lip trill opportunities when the horn is pitched in Bb.  As an example, if a trill is written between Eb and F right about middle C, you can play the trill in several ways:

  • lip trill Eb to (G), it will sound close
  • slide trill between first and third positions, difficult
  • valve trill Eb to F, can be clunky
  • lip trill Eb to F in flat third position with the Bb trigger engaged, winner

A similar F to G trill can be played in (at least) these ways:

  • slide trill third to fourth position
  • lip trill F to (Ab) in third position, not great
  • valve trill F to Ab in third position, not great
  • lip trill F to G in 5th position with the Bb trigger engaged, winner

Expert alto soloists will have many other examples of trill opportunities using the Conn with Bb attachment.  Like the F attachment on many tenor trombones that pulls to E, this attachment can be pulled to A for other tuning options.

Included:  hard case and mouthpiece

Shipping:  $40-60 within the US 48, quote elsewhere

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