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Bach C190 Stradivarius Cleveland Model C Trumpet

$4,199.00 $6,131.00

Item Details

The Bach 190 series has been about building absolutely stunning trumpets exactly as they did at Bach before 1965.  These new trumpets spare no expense in getting the details right:  2-piece valve casings, all nickel trim, steel bell rim wire, side seam bell, bridged by cast Z-braces.  These extra details in metallurgy make an already outstanding trumpet even more perfect, one that few people have played in a generation.  The harder nickel and steel components, even hidden under the silver plate, make a large difference in the response and projection. Most players notice this right away when they play and compare similar trumpets from the traditional 180 series and the new 190 series. 

We live in an era of outstanding trumpets from makers around the globe.  With Edwards, Shires, Yamaha and others building top quality instruments, Bach stepped up to the plate and again hit it out of the park.  They remain the leader for good reason: in recent years Bach has improved all their trumpet offerings, beginning with the Artisan trumpet line.  You'll find Bach trumpets to be shinier, cleaner, more accurately built and consistent, and now more detailed in trim and design as well.  You can find these improvements are available on a number of new models.  These include the Bach Commercial, Anniversary 19037, 19043, and Centennial Bb trumpets. 

This new Cleveland Model C trumpet is the first harmony trumpet in the 190 series, and we think you'll want a full set of these in your orchestra's brass section.

The Word

Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create brass instruments of unequaled tonal quality. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius instruments today remain the sound choice of artists worldwide. The Bach C190 series trumpets have truly defined the sound of symphonic brass in symphony orchestras throughout the world.


In collaboration with Cleveland Orchestra’s principal trumpeter, Michael Sachs, the new model C190SL229 delivers the following key features:

• Newly designed #25 M leadpipe provides stability of intonation and slotting of notes
• The standard weight #229 yellow brass bell with enhanced engraving offers focused projection with the ability to color the sound
• The two-piece valve casing provides better feedback to the player and more overtones in the sound due to the solid nickel balusters.
• Vincent Bach Symphonic Series 1-1⁄2 C mouthpiece,  (24 throat, 24 backbore), the most popular combination for a Bach C trumpet
• Shop warranty card included as a tribute to how Vincent Bach documented his Mt. Vernon horns
• .462” large bore tubing
• 3rd slide pin stop
• Sculpted wide footed bracing
• Monel pistons
• Deluxe wood shell case, classic Bach case design
• Silver plate finish




He Said This

“The new Bach C trumpet has the traditional Bach sound – the special richness, depth and ring you can access throughout all ranges and dynamics. The newly designed 25M leadpipe increases evenness, intonation and response. This trumpet offers all the breadth of color and character in tone quality akin to vintage Bach horns.”

- MICHAEL SACHS, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra

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