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Paxman Model 27 Double Horn w/ Custom Atkinson Leadpipe

$8,650.00 $9,689.00

Item Details

This is a brand new customized Paxman Model 27 double horn.  It has a new leadpipe installed by Mark Atkinson, creating a remarkably improved response.

Standard Specifications

  • - Geyer wrap
  • - Medium-Large Europe style bell
  • - Lacquer finish
  • - Yellow brass
  • - Mouthpipe guard
  • - Mouthpipe water key
  • - Reversible thumb valve
  • - Nickel silver valve casings
  • - Compact rotors
  • - Cord action
  • - Detachable bell flare
  • - A=442 pitch as standard


Paxman is proud to introduce the Model 27, our first full Geyer wrap horn. With its open layout, this horn features many qualities associated with Geyer horns, while maintaining characteristics associated with the Paxman range. These include a full rich sound (similar to the Paxman 20 series) with excellent stability and resonance in the middle and upper registers, whilst providing the player with a well centered and strong low register. Uses the ML bell from the 20 series (formerly called the Europa) and the same lead-pipe that comes with the 20L and 20ML.

Featuring Paxman's new compact 2016 valve system as standard, the 27 features quick and nimble lever action and increased articulation. At the same time the player benefits from significant weight reduction.

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