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Trumcor Straight Mute for Horn


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Based on the classic Ted Griffith and Aulos designs, these finely made fiber mutes are considered top of the line for the professional player. From the TrumCor catalog:

TrumCor mutes are carefully hand-crafted with wood and a specially formulated resonant fiber material. They create a muted tone that is vibrant, warm and responsive. These mutes are durable, and the wide selection of sizes ensures a proper fit and excellent intonation. TrumCor mutes produce a beautiful sound, and at the same time preserve the unique timbre of the horn in all registers and at all dynamics.

Several sizes and shapes are available for various bell sizes.

#4 and #5: Patterned after the famous "DePolis" mute, the #5 sounds especially good in the upper register. The #4, made for narrow bore horns, is a slightly smaller version.

#45 and #45T: While having a shape and feel similar to a Rittich style mute, the #45 retains the warm sound associated with a TrumCor mute. The #45T is a tunable mute and has an adjustable chimney.

#44 and 44T: With a relatively open muted sound, the #44 is capable of tremendous dynamic contrasts. Exceptionally responsive in all registers, the #44 comes with two differently sized donuts for aperture control.  The 44T is tunable.

#24: Designed and shaped for large bore horns, especially the Conn 8-D.  The #24 is in essence an elongated #5.

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