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Conn 8H Tenor Trombone Bell

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The Conn 8H is the archetype of the great symphonic trombone of the 20th century.  Still in production since 1954, examples were built back to 1913.  It has a large bore .547" bronze hand slide with nickel trim and an 8.5" red brass bell.  This is the straight version of the similar classic 88H model.  Current Conn 8H trombones are built at the King factory in Eastlake Ohio.  Conn has plans to move the 8H assembly to the Bach factory in Elkhart, Indiana.  As of late 2015, results were not successful based on samples we examined.  We highly recommend horns from the Eastlake production and before.

Many players in Los Angeles have used the Conn 8H trombone.  To name a few...Ralph Sauer, Bill Booth, Bill Reichenbach, Dave Ryan, Alex Iles, and many more from several generations of top players.

The 8H can be had in several versions.  The standard 8H has a slightly more weighty red brass bell than models of previous generations.  It has good projection but less clarity at lower volumes.  The more popular option here is the 8HT, which has a classic thin red brass bell.  It's a bit more nimble and has a character of sound that's simply electric.


We have several 8HT complete bell sections in stock, and they can be had at a great price.  You can use these bells with your existing Conn 88H slide, or we have a few Conn hand slides in stock, also at a great deal.


From the Conn Loyalist website:

What Conn said in 1955:
Here's Conn's largest bore tenor trombone... preferred by top symphony and concert band trombonists. Has famous Conn "Airfloat" slides with lightweight, integrally-drawn one-piece stockings... so smooth it's as if they're "floating on air." Outside slides made of special Conn formula brass alloy. Has ½" red brass bell, weighs 3 lbs. 15 oz., is 45½" long. Comes in handsome Stratoliner plush lined case, with mouthpiece and music lyre.
Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed, clear lacquered.

What Conn said in 1959:
Large bore gives "large sound" with ease of control and great flexibility. More and more symphony and concert artists are adopting this trombone as the "standard" for ultimate performance. Features include: 8½" red brass bell, smooth airfloat Crysteel slides, acoustical balance of taper, Lustre-Conn finish.

What Conn said in 1966:
Two [8H and 88H] of the most widely used trombones in the symphonic field. Red brass bell delivers darker sound and greater projection. Bore size .547". Bell 8½". Length 45¾".

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