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Conn 8H Trombone

Conn 8H Trombone


This is the classic no-valve Elkhart style symphonic tenor trombone with the thin rose bell and a straight neck pipe. It's definitely for purists. This is my favorite Conn trombone. What do I need a valve for anyway? I have arms, I can reach seven positions, and tenor trombones don't really have to play low notes anyway. Count me in. The standard 8H, conveniently known as the 8H, now has a heavier rose brass bell. I prefer the 8HT option with the classic Elkhart style thin rose bell, and this version has been the most popular seller. Includes case and mouthpiece, choice of slide. Played in Los Angeles and around the world by many top players, including Ralph Sauer, Bill Booth, Andy Malloy, Bryant Byers, and many others.

All joking aside, many players find that an F attachment is preferred when immersed in the complete study of the classical tenor trombone. There are excerpts and solos that now require it. However, for the working player, the principle orchestral player, and for those preferring a lighter instrument, the no-valve 8H can get you most of the way there. I use a straight tenor trombone all the time now when I play in a symphony orchestra. For valve aficionados, this horn is available with a rotary valve as the Conn 88H.

Those familiar with this site know that I have had occasional rants about Conn instruments. Please know that we have the highest standards for horn quality here, and our standards can be somewhat higher than what larger factories are used to achieving. We represent Conn instruments because because they are very high quality and the price is very reasonable too, especially when compared to some of the boutique brands also available here. But, most every Conn slide sold here is sent to John Sandhagen's shop to be tuned up to professional standards, so you'll receive a Conn slide that works better than any others out on the market. For the most part, slide tune-ups not withstanding, Conn instruments are built as well as at any time in Conn's long history. With that said, I do get a very few Conns with a slightly crooked brace or joint, and while ranting is part of my mantra, I also accept that those minor blems don't affect playing, and these small variations may be what you get for a horn of this price. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our instruments, and will always let you know the specifics of any horn we're shipping. Just ask.



Delivery Time

8.5" thin rose brass bell, standard .547" bronze slide, stock S leadpipe, straight neckpipe, no valve, case and 5G mouthpiece $1949 (also available without case for $1749, or bell section only for $1150) Usually in stock

8.5" standard weight bell, standard .547" bronze slide, stock leadpipe, case and 5G mouthpiece $1949 15-30 days

Options on Conn Trombones

Silver plate add $250


Slide options

SLF4747 - stock slide - .547" bronze outer tubes, standard S leadpipe is soldered in, new Morse taper fits standard shank mouthpieces.

This is the standard .547" bore slide with the soldered S lead pipe. This slide is included with the base 8H and 88H purchase price. The lead pipe now has the most common Bach mouthpiece shank taper. Brass with nickel outer sleeves and narrow nickel end crook.

no charge
SL4747 - .547" - same as above with 3 removable leadpipes

The standard .547" bore slide, same as the SLF4747, but includes 3 removable lead pipes, two with the Bach shank taper: S and M, and one with the Remington shank taper, R. Brass with nickel sleeves.

add $200
SL2525 - .525" - medium bore with 3 removable leadpipes, 1 large shank, 2 small shank

This is the medium bore .525" slide, very similar to the old 78H slide except for the larger connector. The Conn catalog mentions gaining high range stability with this slide. That isn't quite right. This slide makes you soar in the high range. It has a lighter, more compact, brilliant sound, and is so easy to play. For fans of the old 78H, an 8HT with this slide is a great updated version, but with the larger 8.5" bell. Occasionally used by Ralph Sauer. This slide includes two lead pipes that accept a small tenor shank mouthpiece, T and H, and one lead pipe that accepts a large bass shank mouthpiece, X. Brass with nickel outer sleeves.

add $200
SL2547 - .525"/.547" - medium/large bore with 3 removable leadpipes, 1 large shank, 2 small shank

This is the dual bore slide, with a .525" medium bore top tube, and a .547" large bore lower tube. The idea with this slide is to give the ease of playing of the smaller bore, and the big sound of the larger bore. It does that well, and also give the 88H a more characteristic tenor trombone sound. Jeff Reynolds found this to be his favorite, and still got a great tenor style sound even with his bass trombone mouthpiece in this slide with the 88HO bell. Includes the same 3 lead pipes as the above SL2525 slide, T, H, and X. Ralph Sauer also uses this slide much of the time. Brass with nickel sleeves.

add $200
SL4762 - .547"/.562" - large/xlarge bore in lightweight bronze with 3 removable leadpipes

This is the large dual bore slide with a standard .547" top tube and a larger bass trombone sized .562" lower tube. For players who like to play really loud, you can get a huge warm sound on this slide. Lightweight version is brass without nickel sleeves. Includes the same S, M, and R 3 lead pipes as above. This is a favorite among Bach players because it plays so open.

add $200
SL6262 - .562"/.562" - xlarge bore, bass trombone sized, Chicago style in lightweight bronze with 3 removable leadpipes

This is a lightweight bass trombone slide in .562" bore, with three lead pipes from the Conn 62H bass trombone, B, C, and D. You can get a great low range and a big loud but smooth sound with this slide, at the expense of losing some brilliance in the upper register. Light weight style, brass without nickel sleeves, very fast response.

add $200



8HT bell only $1150
SL style slide with 3 leadpipes, any size $1150
SLF4747 slide with single leadpipe $950
8H hard case $200

These horns ship in 1-2 business days if in stock, in 15-30 days otherwise.