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Double Horns

Alexander 103 We occasional have an Alexander 103, their flagship horn with the famous 6 port change valves.  These sell quickly.  We stock them with screw bell and lacquer finish.  Please call for availability.  ETA for custom horns is early 2015.  We expect one for arrival in Fall 2014. New $8865
NN508 Custom built Erfurt model from Atkinson Horns in Burbank, California. This one is based on the Kruspe Horner model. Similar to Conn 8D but much more artfully done. Nickel silver body, tail and flare. Extra large throat bell flare. This is a beautiful hand made horn.  All parts are made in the Burbank shop.  Includes case.  Available in screw bell only. Valve cap design may vary.

This model is discontinued. 

4.23.14: We have one available in all nickel, unlacquered, with custom valve lapping and polish by Paul Klintworth.

New $4795







After extensive play testing, we would venture to say that this horn is the best offering from Conn in a long time.  Right away, we were extremely impressed by how evenly it played in all registers. This horn has a big, open sound that is reminiscent of the later Elkhart models, particularly the N series from the late 1960's. It possesses that trademark vibrancy and warmth that every other horn maker has tried to emulate for decades. We found that we could get all over this horn with ease; the high register was clear and free-blowing, while the low range felt solid and anchored. The pitch is extremely reliable, and we discovered that it actually has really killer soft dynamics. On the loud end of the spectrum, there is still integrity and core to the sound, but it's not difficult to  add some nice sizzle when necessary.

This horn would be perfect for the serious student as well as the burgeoning professional. Sometimes finding a vintage 8D that's still in good shape is quite a task, but with this  horn, you can have the quality and feel of an old 8D without sacrificing the physical condition of the instrument. With brand new, super tight valves and a nickel body  uncompromised by dents and wear, you won't have to worry about expensive maintenance costs like valve jobs or replacement bells.

We got a chance to hear a fine horn player from the Bay Area, John Orzel, play test some horns the other day.  He brought a brass Hoyer 7801 and an aged nickel Conn 8D.  Compared to the new 8D, his vintage model has a bit more sass to it, but it's not as pretty a sound.  While lively, some of the older models may be just a bit too hot for some players.  The new Conn sounded like it projected a bit more, had a smoother and more even attack, and a full sound.  It was modern, maybe toned down a bit, but not without life.  John felt the new model was stable, even, and easy to play, and said he liked it as much as his vintage model.  Note to self:  different or new is not bad.  The differences reminded us of the Conn 88H trombones that I'm familiar with.  Vintage models of those bark a bit and have a light, hot sound.  Newer models are a bit more stable, fuller, not quite as lively, but they make it easy to sound good.  I'd say the same for this 8D. 


Fixed bell, nickel silver, XL throat, string linkages with mechanical trigger. Includes hard case and mouthpiece.  Also available with screw bell flare as 8DS.


New $4469 fixed bell

$4829 screw bell

Lewis-Duerk LDx5 The LDx5 came into being through the collaboration of two experts in their fields – Master Craftsman Steven W. Lewis and Dietmar Dürk. Masterful workmanship, in combination with the best of materials and years of experience, has brought fantastic results. The horn is traditional in design, but the concept behind its construction is an innovative one. The tools and production techniques were developed in-house and specifically for this project, supporting traditional handicraft and assuring the quality, consistent standard and series identity of each individual horn. The gentle, careful handling of materials during construction insures a minimum of material stress, resulting in a horn that speaks freely, responds quickly, and resonates with an open and clear sound from the very first note.
New $9525 base model

$10175 deluxe model

LD Clevinger Remarkable double horn hand built in the style of the classic Schmidt, including the piston change valve.  Medium bell and screw flare are standard.  We offer these in two styles, but you can order with any combinations of options you like.  Please call for a quote.

Of note is the mechanical linkage to activate the change valve.  Its artful Rube Goldberg style makes the normally long throw piston feel just like a rotary change valve.  The piston is easily reversible so the horn can stand in Bb or F.

Base model:

unlacquered, screw bell, piston change valve, 1 water key


Deluxe model:

clear lacquer, screw bell, adjustable finger hook, piston change valve, custom ergonomic linkage, 1 water key, flipper



New $10445 base model

$11445 deluxe model

Hans Hoyer
Heritage Model This is our most popular selling French horn, and is hand made by B&S in Germany.  It is modeled after the original German-made Kruspe French horns, with a large throat bell.  If you're familiar with the venerable Conn 8D, which is another classic Kruspe style instrument, then you'll feel at home on a Hoyer.  These horns are a full double Bb/F, and stand in F.  We have one model available for the time being, listed at right.  This is the last one at this price.  Grab it while you can.


 Hoyer 6802NSA    Hoyer 6802NSA

 Hoyer 6802NSA    Hoyer 6802NSA

 Hoyer 6802NSA   




screw bell, nickel, string linkage



Josef Lidl









Josef Lidl Musical Instruments is located in Brno, Czech Republic, and has been in business since 1892.  We've sold many of their bass trumpets, a few rotary trumpets and tubas, and now we offer their double French horns.  We stock 3 models.

Josef Lidl was the manufacturer of Besson French horns for many years, so if you've seen one of those, you may be familiar with at least the model 347.

What we're hoping is that these horns offer a lower priced professional or top student quality to a player who otherwise might buy a very ordinary Jupiter or Conn 6D student model.  We think you can do better for your money with a European horn such as this. 

The Lidl horns have their own page and photos here.

LHR-347 This is the basic professional double horn, 11.7mm (.460") bore, 4 inline rotors, brass bell and body with nickel slide, and a screw bell.  Lacquer finish, case is included. New $2595
LHR-367 This is the Anniversary model, built in all gold brass with nickel trim.  Rather than a full double, this is a compensating model, so it's very light, and excels at high horn and solo work.  The low range plays as open as you need, and the response is even all over.  Can be adjusted to stand in either Bb or F.  Includes screw bell and hard case New $2595
LHR-867 This is the new Philharmonic model, with similar specs to the 347: , 11.7mm (.460") bore, 4 inline rotors, brass bell and body with nickel slides, and a screw bell.  Lacquer finish, case is included.


New $2795

Engelbert Schmid

ES1 Nickel Lightweight custom built F/Bb double horn, from Mindelzell, Germany.  It has several options including: all nickel silver construction, hand hammered removable bell flare large throat, water keys, and clear lacquer.  Interesting note: The B-flat sides of all Engelbert Schmid horns can be lowered to A or raised to B. On the B-natural horn you can play E-horn passages as if they were in E-flat (e.g. Weber Concertino, Danzi Concerto, Fidelio, Thieving Magpie Overture, Cosi fan tutte). Built in Schmid's new Mindelzell workshop. Visiting hornists tell us that this is one of the best playing Schmid's instruments they have ever played.  Available by special order in any configuration of brass materials, bell flares or options. Price may vary. Sold without case.


We normally offer these with the following options, and can offer any combination as you prefer:

Base model:

unlacquered, screw bell, no water keys, fixed finger hook


Deluxe model:

lacquer finish, screw bell, 2 water keys, hand hammered flare, nickel kranz, flipper




New $11420
base price

$13400 deluxe model

Engelbert Schmid

ES1 Brass Custom made German full double horn. This model is made of yellow brass, and we usually order with a hand hammered bell with a nickel silver garland, 2 water keys, adjustable finger hook and hand flipper, and a clear lacquer finish.   Standard model features screw bell, which is helpful for damage-free travel, as this is a lightweight horn.


We normally offer these with the following options, and can offer any combination as you prefer:

Base model:

unlacquered, screw bell, no water keys, fixed finger hook


Deluxe model:

lacquer finish, screw bell, 2 water keys, hand hammered flare, nickel kranz, flipper


 ETA: May 2014

New $10349 base model

deluxe model

Yamaha YHR-567 The popular 567 is a full double horn with a design very similar to the innovative 667V. Though priced as an intermediate model, it is used by some professional players in top orchestras. Its easy response and sure note centering make it ideal for students-while the colorful tone and precise intonation make it attractive to pros. The 567 is an outstanding horn and great value for its price.  Also available as the 567D with screw bell, $3552

4.23.14: Demo model available, show display, special price $2695, perfect condition

New $3350
Yamaha YHR-667 Professional Geyer style double horn in all brass with nickel trim.  Medium throat bell, traditional string linkage.  Includes deluxe hard case and mouthpiece.  Made in Japan.  Also available as the 667D with screw bell, $4559 New $4297
Yamaha YHR-668NDII Newest model of Yamaha's all nickel Kruspe style horn features a hand hammered and annealed large bell.  Available with fixed or screw flare, and also available in all brass as the model 668.

4.23.14: We have one display model in perfect condition, all nickel with screw bell at $3980

New $4559