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Conn 88H Tenor Trombone

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The Conn 88H is the orchestral tenor trombone of the last century. 1954 marked the official debut of the famous and ubiquitous model 88H. Prior to release, a few 8H specials (custom large tenors with F attachments made prior to 1954) were fabricated for influential and prominent orchestral trombonists. As more people heard a Conn 88H, the demand became immense. Beginning in the conservatories and professional sections, a great push for a large tenor trombone with F attachment became the tool of the trade. Because of its control of the dynamic range and flexibility in the low register (with the addition of the F valve), the 88H caught on immediately with professional trombonists around the world. Vincent Bach, Conn's competition at the time, released the model 42B shortly afterward in order to compete with the immense popularity of the 88H. Over the years, the 88H has remained the classic orchestral trombone sound. Many trombonists of the modern day grew up listening to recordings of their favorite trombone sections... most of whom were playing 88Hs. Conn moved factory production from Elkhart, Indiana in 1972 to Abilene, Texas. While the horns made in Abilene were still quite good, most trombonists agree that the 88H's best era was from Elkhart production. Trombone trends evolve and new valves, wraps, leadpipes and other features started to improve the instrument's playability in the early 1980s. Conn redesigned their famous model and renamed it the Generation II Conn 88H. Modern upgrades were now available such as: bell weight in two thicknesses (a standard and a thin walled model), open wraps, highly efficient rotary valves, removable leadpipes, new bell materials (yellow brass and sterling silver), and new manufacturing techniques to improve response and playability. Don't worry, you can still acquire a classic closed wrap 88h (the model 88HT is the closest new trombone you can get to a classic Elkhart 88H). Regardless of which model 88H you pick, it is certain that it will function to the highest standards in any professional situation.

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