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S.E. Shires Artist Custom Bass Trombone


Item Details

S.E Shires builds one of the premier bass trombones available today.  You can easily choose a Shires trombone in several popular variations above, or you can order the components individually for a fully custom instrument.  The price is the same and the components are the same.  We assemble the standard models here from our inventory of Shires components.


To order a bass trombone from the standard model selection, choose an option from the drop down menu above.
To order a fully custom instrument, click here to order the components individually.
To read more about each component and what features each option provides, click here:

    Shires Standard Bass Model

    Custom Axial

    The S.E. Shires Custom bass trombone is a versatile instrument with a clear, pure sound and the consistency,
    playability, and projection that has made S.E. Shires trombones the favorites of professionals the world over. The unique S.E. Shires 7YM bell combines the quick response and color of a one-piece bell with the centered feel and expansive tone of a two-piece bell.

    Components: B62 slide, inline axial rotors, B yellow tuning slide, BII 7YM yellow bell

    Options: Gold brass 7GM bell

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